This new resource focuses on mathematical reasoning, as opposed to rote rulesYour students know that 2 x 3 = 6, but do they know why? Do they have the mathematical reasoning skills to see them through more than just the next test? They will once they discover these powerful computation strategies. Jana Hazekamp explains how to introduce each strategy, connect that approach to others, and build true mathematical understanding. (1-6) 128 pp.This book introduces a wide variety of computation strategies, adapted from the acclaimed Singapore approach, that will bring students a real understanding of number relationships and the meaning behind the math. Educators will appreciate the straightforward, experience-based approach to presenting strategies. The guided-conversation format is designed for quick reading, allowing teachers to easily understand each strategy and see one way of introducing it to students. The question-and-answer style is particularly well suited to encouraging students to focus on the why and to begin using math terminology correctly and fluently.
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