One small step for students...Did you ever wonder how much you'd weigh on the moon? Jupiter? Mars? Step onto the Talking Planetary Mat and find out! A completely interactive way to demonstrate the changing forces of gravity on the different planets, this mat features all eight planets and the moon, as well as fun, recorded facts to help kids understand gravity, weight, mass, and basic astronomy. · Includes galactic planet scale printed with 9 celestial bodies· Calculates child's weight on all 8 planets and the moon in both pounds and kilos (weights are displayed, not spoken)· Introduces the concepts of gravity, mass, and weight · Reinforces planetary knowledge—unit provides more than 40 fun facts (but also includes a volume control with muting capability)· Includes teacher's guide with activities and reproducible worksheet· Scale registers up to 220 lbs.· Two modes of play—fact and game· Measures 45" around plus 8.5" x 11" scale· Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)Ages 8+/Grades 3+
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