We Sign Dvd Babies & Toddlers 2

Imagine being able to comunicate with your baby and toddler and understanding their wants, needs and thoughts without crying or tantrums. You can reduce parent children communication frustrations effectively with sign language. This DVD features practical words and song activities to use with babies and toddlers. It is based on over 60 years of combined signing with children experiences.This DVD Features:- Easy-to-follow and clearly demonstrated signs.- Practical how-to information.- Insightful comments and useful signing tips.- Songs for fun and playful bonding activities.- Reduces tantrums and parent/child frustrations.- Promotes early commucation and language development.- Choose as many or as few signs you wish to use from our top 30 words or from the over 250 featured signs."WE SIGN™ BABIES & TODDLERS 2 is a comprehensiveintroduction to communicating with the signs of ASL for early childhood learners. It's most striking attribute is the promise it offers for enhancing the quality and pleasure of interacting with families."- Dr. Marilyn Daniels,Professor of Speech CommunicationPenn State University
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