Steel Hand Bell

A teacher's handbell is one of those essential teaching aids that no classroom is complete without. You'll be surprised at how such a simple tool is so effective when it comes to classroom management. Just ring this classic handbell when you need your students to listen. Need to restore order to a rowdy classroom? Students so engaged in their play/reading/artwork that they don't realize it's time to transition activities? Your handbell is at your service to get everyone's attention quickly and easily. Tell your students in advance that the next time they hear the bell ring, it will be time for lunch, snack, recess or cleanup, and their transitions will be so much smoother. Make it a game - whoever sits down/cleans up/gets in line the fastest gets to ring the bell the next time. Turning ringing the bell into a privilege makes a great reward for good listeners."HYGLOSS PRODUCTS INC.
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