Smart Snacks Sorting Shape Cupcakes Game

Smart Snacks® Sorting Shapes Cupcakes™ GameEarly board game extends the learning, and the fun, of our Smart Snacks® Sorting Shapes Cupcakes™ (LER 7202). Reinforces shape recognition, attributes, matching (visual and tactile discrimination) and following directions. Children roll the die, move the pawns around the cupcake top, and fill in their cupcake puzzle card. Includes 30 shape cards in 6 shapes, 4 self-checking cupcake puzzle cards, 4 pawns, large foam die, cake mix box, Activity Guide and game board that measures 14"L x 12 3/4"W. For 2-4 players. Grades PreK+LER 7412 How to Play- Roll the die to move around the sprinkles that top the cupcake- Reach into the cake mix box to find a shape that matches your landing spot- First to fit all the pieces into a cupcake puzzle card wins!
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