Shakin The Chute

Fresh, creative activities using a parachute will put the focus on large motor skills. Exciting new routines set to diverse music and original songs address mobility, fitness, directionality, body identification, imaginative play, and important educational concepts. Parachute play can be used for circle time, arrival and departure activities, recess, PE, and indoor/outdoor play. Kids love the exercise, dancing and sing-along fun! Popcorn Parachute, Parachute Bop, Little Parachute, Parachute Freeze and more!Song Titles1. Shakin' The Chute2. Freeze!!3. The Parachute March4. Popcorn Parachute5. Little Parachute6. The Parachute Rap7. Parachute Bop8. Little Daddy Long Legs9. Parachute Pow Wow10. Rockin; The Chute11. Merry-Go-Round12. The Rainbow Ballet13. Goodbye, Goodbye,
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