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ncludes all of the Collections below: Fossils Collection, Igneous Rock Collection, Metamorphic Rock Collection, Mineral Collection, and Sedimentary Rock Collection.EI-5204 Fossils CollectionHold a 70-million-year-old fossil in your hand! Set includes 9 fascinating fossils.EI-5205 Igneous Rock CollectionIgneous rocks are produced by hot volcanic magma action. Set includes 12 exotic rock specimens.EI-5206 Metamorphic Rock CollectionMetamorphic rocks are transformed by intense heat and pressure. Set includes 12 specimens.EI-5207 Mineral CollectionMinerals combine with each other to make rocks. Set includes 12 specimens.EI-5208 Sedimentary Rock CollectionCenturies in the making, sedimentary rocks are formed by layers of deposited matter. Set includes 12 specimens.
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