Ribbons & Rhythms

By Michael Plunkett. Who's got the beat! Take up your favorite ribbons, streamers, and scarves, plus get ready for hand-clapping, foot stomping, toe tapping, repetitive rhythmic routines. Diverse rhythms, such as African, Reggae, Cha Cha, Bossa Nova and Rap, and cool musical action songs with a pattern and a purpose, will encourage movement and imaginative play, improve motor skills, reinforce important concepts, and more. Adaptable for special needs. Shake Your Ribbon, Ribbons In the Air, Months of the Year Ribbon & Rap, Ribbon Dance Days, are just some of the songs and activities to boost learning through fun.Song ListRIBBON ACTIVITIES1. Shake Your Ribbons2. Got The Wiggles3. Days Of The Week4. Long Ribbons5. Ribbon Dance6. The Alphabet Months7. When I Grow UpRHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES8. Who's Got The Beat?9. You've Got The Rhythm10. Chickasaw Chicken11. Count With Me12. Feels Good13. The Numbers Rap14. Goodbye Song
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