Pencil Pal Software Math Gr 1-2

Mighty Mini software might come in a pint-size package, but it contains a full-size software program that is packed with proven educational content. Math 1-2 Software takes children on a magical journey to another galaxy where they practice first and second grade math skills. In the Bean Works Factory Game, children learn place value and how to solve equations. In the Swamp Hop Game, children practice skip counting and solve addition and subtraction problems. In the Astrosplat Game, children take careful aim to blast unidentified objects by matching the math problems to the correct answers. Plus, each world in this strange galaxy provides pieces to a creature-making machine. As children succeed at math, they earn pieces to build the machine. Once all the pieces have been collected and matched to a blueprint, the machine springs to life to create a very unusual creature! Only a master of mathematic can earn all 9 out-of-this-world creatures! Skills Include: - Adding and Subtracting - Regrouping - Skip Counting - Fractions - Place Values
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