Pencil Pal Software Alphabet Express Ages 3-5

Hop aboard the Alphabet Express for a fun-filled learning adventure! Alphabet Express Software helps children learn about the letters of the alphabet, which is an essential first step in learning to read. The friendly conductor guides children through each activity, providing help and encouragement. Great reward animations and funny characters entertain and motivate children while they learn. This award-winning program explores each letter of the alphabet in a variety of alphabet games and activities. It features colorful letter scenes, an alphabet song, a fun firehouse game, 30 dot-to-dot puzzles, 15 maze puzzles, 10 hidden letter pictures, movies, and more. Plus, there are 78 coloring pages for on-screen and off-screen creativity and printable pages that encourage children to practice writing each letter of the alphabet. Skills Include:- Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Recognition - Letter-Sound Association - Beginning Sounds - Alphabetical Order - Vocabulary Building
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