MONOPOLY®: Jurassic World™ Edition Jurassic World MONOPOLY delivers more dinosaurs, more attractions and lots of buying and selling as you attempt to rule Jurassic World. Collectible tokens, Jurassic World money, and a custom Jurassic World dinosaur inspired game board provide an exciting twist to classic MONOPOLY. Perfect for the Jurassic World fan or anyone who loves dinosaurs. Ages 8+ Players 2-6 Game Includes 6 Collectible Tokens: DNA Sequence, Park Vehicle, T. Rex Skull, Founder Statue, Entrance Gate, and Helicopter, Custom Game Board features Dinosaurs from Jurassic World, 32 Houses renamed Fences, 12 Hotels renamed Enclosures, 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Creation Lab cards, 16 Jurassic World cards, 2 Dice, Jurassic World themed Money, Instructions
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