In IQ-Blox the walls don't block; instead they help you find the solution. The latest addition to SmartGames' best selling IQ Series, IQ Blox has players use the walls as guides to fill the game board with colorful puzzle pieces. Set up each challenge by placing the white wall pieces on the game board as indicated in the challenge booklet. Numbers on the game board are highlighted in the challenge to ensure the walls are placed correctly. You have found the solution when all colored puzzle pieces fit on the game board. There is only one solution per challenge, which can be found at the end of the booklet. 120 challenges that are easy to set up...but hard to put down! The IQ Series from SmartGames offers an unparalleled combination of play value and fun. Earlier challenges are easier - while later challenges will test even the sharpest minds. Have fun while improving memory and developing skills ranging from planning to spatial dynamics.
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