Higher Scores On Science Standardized Tests Grade 6

Reduce test anxiety!Skill-specific preparation for the science components of standardized tests follows NSE and FOSS standards. Units cover Earth, Life, and Physical sciences. Typical testing formats practiced include standard bubble multiple choice as well as complete sentence answers.Books are divided into two parts-1. Unit pretests and general posttests, ideal as diagnostic tools.2. Specific skills particular to the four units of study in social studies or science.Includes testing strategy tips to improve accuracy and speed.Organized into three units: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.Pretests aid in determining student awareness of scientific concepts; posttests help determine progress.Test formats include standard bubble-multiple choice questions, as well as complete sentence answer formats.Skills and content aligned with national standards developed by Nation Science Education (NSE) and Full Option Science System (FOSS).Special Notes:5-Book Reproducible SeriesBound-in answer key48 pages
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