Elefun from Elefun and Friends has a silly adventure in store for you! Choose a net, and then race around the room as Elefun blasts fireflies from his trunk and into the air! Elefun challenges you to catch as many as you can! For a fun new way to play, dim the lights, and watch as some of the fireflies twinkle and Elefun glow! Easily reload Elefun by feeding him the fireflies. The player who catches the most fireflies wins! Features:Join Elefun the elephant in a silly firefly-catching adventureRace to catch the most fireflies with your netRace to catch Elefun blue fireflies, Hippo orange fireflies, Gatoriffic green fireflies, and glow-in-the-dark firefliesEasily reload Elefun by feeding him fireflies Ages 3 and up
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