Deluxe Stereo/Mono Headsets 1/8 Plus & 1/4 Adapter With Volume Control

The Hamilton SC7V Headphone with individual volume control features four-in-one operation on 1/8 inch stereo, 1/8 inch mono, 1/4 in stereo and 1/4 inch mono modes. New soft leatherette style washable, replaceable ear cushions, new easier-to-wear lighter design with swivel ear-cups and soft coil, 3 meter long cord (almost 10 feet!) all contribute to longer fatigue-free use. Now in easy to mark medium gray colors. Use in groups with a listening center jackbox.Specifications:- Volume control - Impedance: 170 ohms- Speaker drivers: 57mm cobalt magnet type- Headphone frequency response: 18-20k Hz - 3 Meter Cord- One (1) year warranty.
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