Provide explicit, systematic phonics instruction and practice in just 15 to 20 minutes a day! Daily Phonics, Grade 1 helps students in first grade—including students learning English—develop the phonics skills necessary to become proficient, on-grade-level readers.The 32 weekly units in grade 1 cover:Initial Consonants: b, f, h, k, m, p, s, v, jInitial Consonants: c, d, y, l, r, n, w, g, tFinal Consonants: g, l, d, f, p, n, b, m, tInitial and Final Consonants: d, m, t, l, p, sInitial and Final Consonants: g, b, n, k, f, rShort Vowel Sounds: a, iShort Vowel Sounds: e, o, uCVC PatternLong Vowel Sounds: a, e, o, i, uCVCe PatternSyllabication Long Vowel Sounds of yInitial Consonant Blends: sn, st, sw, sk, sm, spInitial Consonant +1 Blends: fl, cl, sl, pl, bl, glInitial Consonant +r Blends: cr, fr, br, tr, gr, drFinal Consonant Blends: st, lt, nk, lf, nt, mpInitial and Final Consonant Blends: st, cl, mp, tr, lt, br, lf, sp, sk, plInitial Consonant Digraphs: sh, th, wh, chFinal Consonant Digraphs: sh, ch, thR-Controlled Vowels: ar, or, ur, er, irHard and Soft cHard and Soft gDouble Consonants: ff, ss, ll, zzLong a Vowel Digraphs: ai, ayLong e Vowel Digraphs: ee, eaLong i Spellings: ie, ighLong o Vowel Digraphs: oe, ow, oaDiphthongs: oi, oyDiphthongs: ou, owThe Sounds of ooPlural Forms: s, esInflectional Endings: -ing, -ed
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