Critical And Creative Thinking Activities Gr 6

Engage your Grade 6+ students in thinking skills practice with Critical and Creative Thinking Activities! 140+ pages of fun, imaginative activities motivate students as they practice thinking in multiple ways about a variety of curriculum- and theme-based topics.46 theme-based units make it easy to find activities that fit your core curriculum: * Places: In My Room, At the Dinner Table, Outer Space, In the Wilderness, Eating Out, At the Movies, At the Mall, U.S. Landmarks, On the Bus, Mythical Worlds * Nature in Action: Rivers and Streams, Rough Weather, Sharks, Bats, Arachnids, Predators and Prey, So Cute!, Reptiles * History and Beyond: Ancient Egypt, The Middle Ages, When in Rome, Pioneer Days, Into the Future * Technology: The Internet, Cellphones, From Here to There, Robots, Invention Convention * Things I Use: Clocks and Calendars, My Clothes, Say Cheese!, Numbers, Glue and Tape, Video Games, Maps and Globes * In My World: Tunes, Surprise!, Supersize It!, Friends, Holidays, Planet Earth, Nighttime, My Birthday, Bells and Whistles, Now You're Cookin', Leaders and Followers
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