Critical And Creative Thinking Activities Gr 3

Engage your Grade 3 students in thinking skills practice with Critical and Creative Thinking Activities! 140+ pages of fun, imaginative activities motivate students as they practice thinking in multiple ways about a variety of curriculum- and theme-based topics.46 theme-based units make it easy to find activities that fit your core curriculum: * Through the Year: Spectacular September; October Chills; Feasting in November; December Celebrations; January Is #1; February Fun; Marvelous March; April Surprises; Hey, It's May!; Jazzed About June * Animals: Monkeys; Spiders; Ribbit!; Pets; Reptiles; Quack; Slugs and Worms; Bzzzzzzzz; Lions, Tigers, and Bears; Ocean Life * Places: Home Sweet Home, In Our Classroom, In the Woods, At a Party, In the Garden * Time to Eat: Pizza Time, Lunchtime, Eat Your Veggies, All About Apples, I Scream for Ice Cream * Things I Use: All Wet, What I Wear, Boxes, Pockets, Bottles and Jars, Paper * In My World: Cartoons, Listen!, On the Screen, Lost and Found, Giggles, Nighttime, My Birthday, Homework, Books, Cents Sense
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