Claycrete Instant Papier Mache, 5 Lb. Bag

Pure white and dries white. It's easy to prepare, easy to model, very economical, and exceptionally white when dried at room temperature. Finished projects are very lightweight. Furnished in dry form, it mixes with water and is ready to use immediately. Claycreter will start to set up in about 30 minutes, at which time fine modeling and smoothing of the surface is easily achieved. Additions of more Claycreter are possible at any time during the modeling process. Mix only as much as can be used in 1/2 hour of modeling time. Claycreter will not stick to your hands or tools, making it exceptionally easy to work with. Claycreter dries best slowly at room temperature, however drying time could be shortened if dried in the sun or in an oven at 150øF (65øC). Claycreter must be thoroughly dry before painting or decorating. One pound of Claycreter will make 97.5 cubic inches or 18 bags will make 1 cubic foot of solid material.
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