MONOPOLY®: The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory MONOPOLY - " The physics may be theoretical, but the fun is real!" Cruise the streets of Pasadena in MONOPOLY: THE BIG BANG THEORY. Choose one of seven collectible tokens, including Sheldon's Spot and Leonard's Glasses and negotiate key locations like Sheldon & Leonard's Apartment, or even Mrs. Wolowitz's House. Mock your friends as they land on your properties updated with houses and hotels renamed Colliders and Super Colliders as you advance your way to victory! Ages 8+ Players 2-6 Game Includes 7 custom tokens: Leonard's Glasses, Sheldon's Spot, Howard's Space Helmet, Raj's Dog Cinnamon, Penny's Wine Glass, Amy's Tiara, Bernadette's Microscope, Custom designed game board, Houses are renamed Colliders, Hotels are renamed Super Colliders, Community Chest & Chance cards are renamed Roommate Agreement and Fortune Cookie, Instructions.
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