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By Georgiana Stewart. Important pre-learning skills and improved motor skills are developed through musical play, rhythms, exercises, creative movement and games. Songs and activities address: body identification awareness, perceptual motor gauge and self-awareness. A great opportunity for kids to move, play, listen and learn while developing readiness skills! Animal Walks, Count To Ten, Make a Circle In The Air, Pass The Hat and more.Song Titles:1. Rhythms (Clapping, Body Identification)2. Animal Walks (Gross Motor Skill Stretches)3. Make A Circle In The Air (Pre-Writing Skills)4. Count To Ten (Pre-Math Skills)5. The Wizard of Oz Dance (Sequencing, Right/Left Discrimination)6. Pass The Hat (Listening Skills, Visual Tracking)7. Music, Music, Music (Instr)8. Baby Elephant Walk (Instr)9. Glow Worm Instr)10. Narcissus (Instr)11. Wizard Of Oz (Instr)12. Shortnin' Bread (Instr)
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