Superstructs are high quality, award winning and educational construction sets with tremendous play value. Superstructs inspire imagination and encourage children to be creative with their playtime by utilizing their patented system of interlocking rods, connectors and panels.Superstructs Classroom 300 teaches the mechanics of Levers, Pulleys, Gears, Wheels and Axles. The set is designed for all levels, from young learners to advanced physics student. Discover the 3 classes of levers. Explore weight distribution with pulleys. Learn ratios by building with gears. Set includes 300 pieces in a heavy-duty reusable cardboard storage box. Comes with enough pieces to build one complete 3-class pulley system, Gear Box and Differential, Four Class 3 Levers and two full sets of all three classes of Levers. For more ideas of what other models can be built from this set, visit
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