Soccer Guys

Soccer Guys ® is a boxed set of 2"sports action figures that is designed to encourage creative and imaginary play in children ages 3-8 years. With no set rules or directions, children are inspired to play with these sports figures they way they have been playing with action figures for years . Children control all the action, they can move the players when they want, where they want. Kids can add to the excitement and knock the included ball into the goals using the Soccer players. Today, with television and computer games dominating a child's independent play choices, Soccer Guys® offers children another option. Playing imaginatively with action figures is something that both parents and grandparents can get involved in with their children or grandchildren. There are no rules or directions to follow so anything works! Kids of all ages can find a way to play with these figures! Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, Creative Child Magazine Award. by KASKEY KIDS INC.
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