Hot Dots Learn To Solve Word Problem Set Gr 1-3

Best-selling Hot Dots is available in math word problem card sets! Each card includes several questions that guide students through the thought process behind solving word problems. Touch the interactive Hot Dots pen (not included) to the correct answers for an auditory response.Grades 1--3Features & Benefits:- 50 double-sided word problem cards included, each featuring 3 or 4 multiple choice questions- Each card measures 8"W x 8"H!- Guides students through word problem thought process- Works with interactive - Hot Dots PenGrades 1-3: set covers addition, subtraction; multiplication; division; rounding; estimating; number properties; fractions; decimals; money,time; length; weight; temperature; geometry; congruency; symmetry; patterns & functions; graphs & data; probability; and more...
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